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Mission: Our mission is to connect the best candidate to the appropriate employer. We do so by considering candidate professional and personal traits and matching them with the workplace. Vision:
- For Companies: Becoming the go-to webpage for candidate sourcing and management
- For Candidates: Become the go-to site for professionals to develop their personal and professional profile to help them land their dream job.

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A job today is not as it was in previous years. Your workplace isn’t only the place where you go to earn your living, rather it is a place that shapes many aspects of your life. It determines with whom you spend at least 9 hours of your day (over 50% of your active time), it determines your daily travel route, it determines your networking options and most importantly it determines your work-life balance and interests which practically determines your personal and professional development. We at Execruit see the personal touch gap in recruitment and are determined to fill it by providing you with a hub where you can develop your profile, express even your wildest thoughts about your next job and we believe there are companies out there who will see the potential in your dream. We believe that it is ok to choose the profile of your next employer, to be able to choose the size of the company that you want to work for, the industry that you want to work for and the pay range that you aim. We understand your concern when applying for a new job that your current employer or their network might find out and we have the perfect mechanism to handle that. You will have the full control over whom we share your data with, to whom we present your profile and who has access to your data. Long gone are the days when shifting companies was stressful and frightful. Your professional life is your life and you hold the power in shaping it by choosing the right workplace!